Electricity selling prices approved by EgyptERA to non-eligible subscribers on all voltages levels and for all uses.

Permit Application Template

The application issued by EgyptERA to start Establishing or expanding for any of the Electricity Generation/Distribution activities

License application Template

The application issued by EgyptERA to start practicing any of the Electricity Generation or Distribution after obtaining the Permit

Permits/Licenses Renewal Committee

Decisions of the committee formed to issue certificates of Renewal of annual permits / licenses

Latest News

EgyptEra Board approved P2P Models
May 2024

EgyptEra Board approved Agreements Models
Between Private Sector (p2P)


For Any Inquiries
May 2024

Regarding The First Phase Of
Private To Private Agreements P2P


Prime Minister Meeting

To cancel the integration fees for
electricity production projects from Renewable energy


The decision of the Prime Minister


to renew the appointment of Dr. Muhammad Mousa as Chairman of Egyptera


ERA Services


Electricity connection guidance

The Board of Directors approved, in its seventh session for the fiscal year 2019-2020, to update Main Electricity Supply connection guidance for medium and low voltage buildings

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Send a complaint

In order for the agency to carry out its duties towards studying consumer complaints, it is required for the complaint to be submitted first to distribution companies.


Calculate your bill

EgyptERA provides a service to calculate your bill, on the basis of the tariff for the current fiscal year, at the level of domestic and commercial uses.


Daily Electricity Observatory

EgyptERA provides a daily bulletin

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Activities and Conferences

EgyptERA publishes activities and events related to EgyptERA and the entire Electricity sector


Agency Conference Calender

Important Topics

Laws and Decisions

In this section laws related to electricity to electricity sector and Board of Director decisions published.


Publishing reports that help the electricity utility and consumers to know their rights and duties and the nature of EgyptERA Role

ERA Magazine

EgyptERA issues a magazine that includes the most important news of the Electricity sector and the activities of EgyptERA during the period of issuing it.

Awareness Publications

EgyptERA issues a set of publications aimed at conserving energy consumption.

EgyptERA Annual Report

EgyptERA issues annual reports to the device that show the development and activities to the Agency during the year

Licensed companies

A list of companies that have a license of Generation or Distribution of Electrical Energy.